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2 years ago. I think the still-going Space Raiders won the race on 10p crisps though and Meanies died a death. OAKIEDOKE. They were sadly discontinued in 1989, but not before their advert became a bona-fide 80s classic. They were the same texture as the potato twirls you can buy nowadays. They came in chocolate, chocolate mint, caramel and butterscotch flavours. 2. 460. Post Sep 04, 2006 #1 2006-09-04T17:56. TED … 1990s sweets do not seem to have the multitude of iconic sweets created in the 70s and 80s. Hard to call. I remember the styling of those crisp packets like it was yesterday. Farmer Brown's - rotten "farmyard animal" shaped efforts - the corn pulp- moulding technology meant cow, sheep and chicken alike looked more like jellyfish. The top eighty best-selling singles of the decade were also printed in the music magazine Record Mirror in the issue dated 6 January 1990. See more ideas about old sweets, retro sweets, vintage sweets. Add your own flavour to your crisps! Archived. Belfast. 460. Those packets look like they're bulging with crisps, too. See more ideas about 90s theme party, 90s party, 80s theme party. Arcor Vienna Fruit-Filled Hard Candy in Bulk. 527 Pins • 44 followers. That’s just to name a few. 80s Food at More adventures in replying to spam | James Veitch - Duration: 10:21. codlike on 2014-11-22 08:57:54. Foster’s.. 0:21. At the time of the original 5p price rise, the company who owns Space Raiders are known as KP Snacks. The crisp I'm trying to find the name off was part of the under 10p crisp section in my local newsagents. Â These days you buy a packet of crisps and they cost around 50 pence a pack (for a single pack that is) but when you open the packet you find a few crisps rattling around the bottom of the packet and a lot of fresh air. Discover (and save!) BACK in the day they were the tiny bags of crisps you could buy even if you only had 5p to spare from your pocket money. The Aztec Chocolate Bar was very similar to the Mars Bar and was made by Cadbury in the 1970s. These crunchy snacks came in a green packet with dark blue writing. The vinegary goodness of a chipstick? The packs were 20p each. Nov 23, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by Audrey Tait. King crisps are the only ones worth talking about! I'm not sure what flavour they were but they used to be my favourites when I was young and would love to remember what they were called and who made them. So many to choose from: the fiery satisfaction of a Monster Munch? I really liked the Real Ghostbusters ones because it was also my favo A look back at snacks in the eighties inc. KP Crisps, Walkers, Smiths, Birds Eye Potato Waffles and more. KP crisps bigger sized bags 1980's - Duration: 0:21. r3trojay 22,288 views. they were in a tiny yellow bag but for the life of me i cant remember thier name. Posted by 7 months ago. Mar 28, 2019 - Explore Martin Banfield's board "vintage crisp brands" on Pinterest. Aug 10, 2017 - Explore Anna Vitz's board "Retro Crisp Pop Up" on Pinterest. Stripeyfrog Sun 29-Mar-20 07:57:16. They were first revealed on BBC Radio 1 on 1 January 1990, with the "Top 80 of the 80s" counted down and played between 12:35 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. by DJs Alan Freeman and Mark Goodier. I remember asking mum to buy me a bag at the checkout and I wouldn't let it go until she caved and bought me some. Great. This crisp nonsense is getting out of hand. 6. Heinz Spaghetti.. No T like Heinz spaghetti. Ultimate 80s Cartoon Master. tmsblues1 on 2020-07-26 21:01:25. i remember potato puffs from my 1960's school days when they were on sale in the 'tuck shop'. Hello, ive looked through the Google Images for 80s crisp, 90s crisp, 2000s crisp, 10p under crisp and I just can't seem to find it. TANGY TOTS and other 90s (10p/5p) CRISPS. junior school in the late 80s we sold two snacks at break time, space raiders at 10p each and a wotsit cheesy type snack at 5p each. your own Pins on Pinterest It used to be next to discos, space raiders and others. The packet was elongated, white with pics of tomato faces around it. Sep 14, 2020 - Explore Pete Wils's board "Sweets & Crisps 70s UK" on Pinterest. Birds Eye Rissoles Mary Baker Cake mix for lemon cupcakes Meanies (5p crisps) Quattro cans. And they taste so much more full of flavour than normal crisps, too…. 75% Upvoted. Also in the video playlist is a classic Walkers Crisps advert from the 80s, before Gary Lineker got involved. Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion Crisps, 5p! Someone bring them back! OAKIEDOKE. G. Galaxy . Then they’re bland. they were in a tiny yellow bag but for the life of me i cant remember thier name. The best things come to those who wait. How much better were sweets and snacks in the 80s than they are now? Ooh and Rainbow Crystals (from a jar in our long gone sweetshop) Add message | Report | See all. These new packs were intended to 'increase shelf standout'. Posted by. 1 0 Amy R Can anyone remember the Tangy Tot crisps, I think that's what they called them? I'm sure at one time you could get these in 5p packs as well as 10p packs. I loved smax as a kid and fish n chips. They were also hugely expensive! 3 months ago. Close. Â I did this a while back specifically for Monster Munch, but this time any sort of crisp (or chips if your American) qualifies. u/Scorchio76. Close. TheGirlFromStoryville Sun 29-Mar-20 07:55:18. 18. "Farmer Brown, you've got a crunchy snack there!" I. J. Jaffa Cakes.. Smashin Jaffa Orangey bit. Best pack of 10p crisps back in the day? AMERICANS TRY WALKERS CRISPS from the UK | Taste Test - Duration: 8:35. See more ideas about Crisps brands, Retro sweets, Vintage sweets. Which of these snacks bring back memories for you? Absolutely my favourite crisp. Janner on 2020-08-21 19:25:58. Yet, after the tiny packets disappeared from the shelves in the late 90s, replaced with the new High Fives in a bigger bag, so did one of our favourite flavours, Pickled Onion Fives. 8:35. the butter men. These crisps were the winner of the "create a flavour" competition, in which every smartarse in the country submitted "potato" as an answer. that perfect wheelie laced in powdered bacon? The toffee was supposed to help satisfy your cravings for something sweet long enough ... Aztec Chocolate Bar . I remember back at school in the 80’s we could buy them for 5p from the tuck shop, sometimes kids walk round the playground with an open packet and ask you if you wanted a smax and if you said yes you’d get a “smack” round the face, I never did learn to say no. Sweets & Crisps 70s UK Collection by Pete Wils • Last updated 9 weeks ago. Which have we missed out? See more ideas about vintage sweets, retro sweets, crisp. Old Food from the 80s - Snacks - Crisps. Wow what an idea! save hide report. Variety is the spice of Heinz. It was a small square packet. The sweet and tangy Arcor Vienna Fruit-Filled Hard Candies from Oh! … One of the things I always remember fondly about crisps such as these when I was a kid was just how much better value they were than crisps seem to be today. See more ideas about childhood memories, vintage sweets, retro sweets. The ingredients were also changed. Good n Crunchy bacon crisps (early 80s) Spira bars Frozen Supermousses (birds eye?) Ok, before i leave for tonight, I just searched 80s crisps & got this: Discos - pre-Pringle, suspiciously regular and uniformly-shaped crisps with little in the way of flavour. Including video clips of 80s adverts. Nov 21, 2020 - Explore Imps Corner's board "70's and 80's crisps" on Pinterest. Apr 13, 2014 - Burton's Potato Puffs - retro 80s crisps! wham bars, argentina chews, 5p crisps, pot noodles, boil in the bag curry, soda streams (although not a food), macaroni cheese... oh those great tasteless days. Due to the curly wurly design of a Curly Wurly they have more surface area than 8 football fields. This crisp nonsense is getting out of hand. Caramac- I’ve got 5p….. Country Life Butter feat. Snow Dogs Vlogs Recommended for you. The Australian for Lager. This was before they started using foil on the inside, so you could actually see the real crisps. H. Heinz Chicken Soup.. Weekend - box of chocolates. The crisps were round like a sphere and covered with red flavours. Sweets such as Toxic Waste saw great sales levels. Best pack of 10p crisps back in the day? Add message | Report | See all. Bring them back please I spent all my tuck money every day on them . So what is my favourite flavour? 15 comments. Argos catalogues from the 70s, 80s and 90s Building a Home Arcade Machine Part 1 Poker to Pokemon – The Evolution of Card Games How I met Keith Harmer, the artist behind the amazing 80s Lamborghini Countach poster This Matchbox catalogue from 1984 cost 5p and is filled with absolute awesome Spider-Man’s Early Video Games Thanks. Sour sweets seemed to be a large craze in the 1990s. Heinz Tomato Ketchup.. junior school in the late 80s we sold two snacks at break time, space raiders at 10p each and a wotsit cheesy type snack at 5p each. Meanies were pickled onion flavoured crisps or rather corn snacks with a VERY strong pickled flavour. In October 2010 Space Raiders were relaunched in a new foil pack. I reported earlier this week on Hedgehog flavoured crisps and the new varieties that have just been launched by Walkers crisps in the UK, so what better to ask this week than what everybodies favourite flavour of crisp is. I always had a thing for Mega Meanies but what’s the popular opinion? KHAN: Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual - ISBN:9780957098640 - … D. E. F. Findus Chicken Curry. until you get through the top ones. Does anyone remember some crisps that were around in the '80s that were the shape of pasta shells (conchiglie) and came in a brown packet? share. A new Saucy BBQ flavour variant was also announced. Crisps are a part of every kids life and growing up in the 80s was a time when crisps had some of the best flavors. The crisp were like wafer style small rectangle and break easily. I remember back in the 60s loved them please bring them back, in the red bags though please please . Ayds were slimming toffee cubes around in the 70s and early-80s. Saved by Shirley Graf. It seems the demand for sour sweets and the new ingredients being used both leant themselves to the popularity of sour 1990s sweets. Jul 10, 2020 - Pictures of retro 70s and 80s chocolate bars and wrappers. 1970s Childhood My Childhood Memories Sweet Memories Old Sweets Vintage Sweets Retro Sweets Uk Retro Food Make Up Your Mind Retro Recipes.

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