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That area of the country is one of the driest and has been experiencing a lot less rain than normal so if that trend continues, and it looks like it will, you definitely wont be completely rained out. We visited this area at the end of April and many communities were even rationing water. Great reasons and something I probably would not have considered. This data shows that the Influenza Virus is prevalent among Costa Ricans. Hi Shawnda, The rain usually starts to taper off in late October so don’t worry too much. If it does rain it will likely be intermittent and not spoil your whole day. Makes sense to us, Julie. One more thought- it won’t have nightlife at all, but it might be worth spending a couple of nights in Tortuguero for wildlife. The reputable tour companies in Fortuna that offer rappelling will make sure you are safe no matter what (let us know if you need a recommendation and we can book the tour for you). Drive back to San Jose on the 18th. Keep in mind, though, that this is also when the locals get summer break so it will be much busier, especially at the beach. The city of Limon that is situated on the east coast has average daily temperatures between 29 and 31 °C. November is technically part of the rainy season too so you would need to push the trip out to December if you wanted more assurance. Are there a lot of mosquitos? Drive to a place near Guanacaste and stay until the 18th. I know that’s not a direct answer but hope it helps. The dry season is rather intense in the province, with no rainfall for several months. You could easily combine it with some time in Guanacaste. In Guanacaste, the arid northwestern province, the dry season lasts several weeks longer than in other places. I am taking 4 seniors with me so I a’m concerned about driving and excursions…:) If you will have a car, there are other day trips within an hour or so of the city. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica in late August/early September and we really wanted to go somewhere where there are TONS of wildlife adventures (I was thinking about Osa Peninsula but read that going during that time in that particular area that we will be wet the whole time. Its been a great help as we plan a trip to visit Costa Rica this coming August with our family. In fact, in some regions like northern Guanacaste Province, forests turn brown towards the end of the dry season, many of the trees lose their leaves, and there are even fires in the hills. We love your web and plan to buy your book soon. Thank you for your help. We are planning to be outdoors as much as possible, so I’m wondering if you can shed any light on a typical day weather-wise. Hi Cheryl, We have not heard of Adrenaline in Costa Rica before. Being in our early 20s, flexible and interested, we were wondering which places/areas would be worth a visit for a first time, or popular routes to take or even some less touristy places all during the rainy season? Rainy season in Costa Rica, or green season as it is often called, runs from later April until December. We love Manuel Antonio during those lesser traveled months. Costa Rica almost feels like a different place, when you’re here during rainy season. Will it interfere with any sight-seeing? It is completely unreliable in Costa Rica- see our Weather post for more details. You agree with that assessment, or is that overly optimistic? It has a one week itinerary that you could modify for 5 days and includes a lot of romantic spots that will be perfect for you and your fiance. Everything is green, food is plentiful, and new animals are born making the entire forest more active.It certainly helps … You could also check out our Destinations Summary Guide. October is one of the two rainiest months in Costa Rica. Hello During the rainy season, these same waterfalls are gushing and glorious. Covid Travel: What It Is Like in Costa Rica Right Now, Family Itinerary for Costa Rica: Rainforest, Beach, and Volcano, 9 Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations in Costa Rica, Where to Get a Covid-19 Test in Costa Rica,, Weather in Costa Rica- What You Need to Know, Weather in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know,, Costa Rica and Mosquitoes: Tips to Prevent Zika, Dengue, and More, clothing to protect yourself from mosquitoes. My husband, parents and I are planning a much needed dream trip to Guancaste in August. Seeing that you suggest waiting to book these type of trips I’m a little nervous now. In otherwWords, its not a “beach trip”. Thanks for reading our site. Hi Anna, Usually the end of November is a good time to visit and it isn’t too rainy (see our Weather post). Best Travel Tips to Costa Rica in 2019 (For Your First Trip) Costa Rica. If you’re able to make it work, doing both destinations in 8 days so that everyone is happy wouldn’t be too bad. So much to see there. May Rainfall in Costa Rica. The wet or “rainy” season in Costa Rica is from May until mid-November. In the rainy season, the animals of Costa Rica come to life. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca has gorgeous beaches, wildlife, and culture too so it might be a good option for you. As with everyone else, I’m concerned about choosing the most opportune time to avoid heavy rain. If there are other places you’d recommend over Arenal or Playa Conchal, please let us know! Sunset at Villa Caletas is one of them. My boyfriend and I are planning our first trip together and decided on Costa Rica. We have heard that this is the best time to see the Arenal Volcano, and we had a lot of things that we wanted to do on the Pacific side. My husband and I are planning a trip to the Nicoya Peninsula/Samara for the last week in October into the first week in November. Are the roads safe or washed out? The dry season, considered summer by Costa Ricans, is from mid-November to April. We are 2 people in our mid 50’s who like to laugh, have fun & relax with cocktails in hand. The closest area to see them would be Bijagua, which is possible as a day trip (a full day). The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional de Costa Rica – IMN – National Meteorological Institute short range forecast is calling for partly clouding mornings with rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon and overnight over most of the country. We have heard that there is some construction going on right now on the main trails (could continue into June) but there is a waterfall trail that is longer that will also give you a more jungle feel. Then you can do the volunteering in Puerto Viedo, which has completely different weather patterns, at the end. Compared to your other options for destinations, La Fortuna is probably your best option for what you want to do and is somewhat close to Playa Conchal, which is a really beautiful beach. It is obviously the rainy season, so when it rains is it more a sharp shower or steady rain most of the day. Hi Joyce, You can do almost the same activities in the rainy season as in the dry season. And in particular, how does early-mid December tend to be in your region? More like a couple of hours every day. Do you have any suggestions on that!?! Thanks for any insights you can provide! Rain is most likely in the afternoon or evening. 8-10 days). Hi Carrie, You should read our post Costa Rica and Mosquitoes: Tips to Prevent Zika, Dengue, and More, for general info and what we have found to work the best for repellents here. Or, does it really not matter too much in this case? It is with a tour group so I’ll be in San Jose, Fortuna, Guanacaste/ Pacific Beach and Manuel Antonio. I spoke to travel agent earlier today and she frightened me saying that it is not the right time to go because of rains. In the rainy season, there just aren’t as many people around so you’re more likely to have parks, beaches, and other sights all to yourself. Hi Lisa, In early July, the country usually experiences a couple of weeks where the rain tapers so this would be the ideal time, if it is possible. Hi Diane, You can read our post How to Spend 1 or 2 Days in San Jose for ideas for things to do in the downtown. It has somewhat of a reverse rainy season. Hi Monica, The forecast is not reliable in Costa Rica so don’t rely on that. Just ask. Hi there! dry season in Dec-Jan. You can find the book on Amazon here. Also, I believe you mentioned something about the visibility during raining season may be low so touring the Arenal Volcanoes might not be a good idea. It’s just tough since you will be visiting for only one week, in case you happen to come during a particularly rainy one. La Fortuna/Arenal has slightly different weather so its rainy season is a little different. Hi Christy, The Caribbean side is definitely better. It is almost always wrong for Costa Rica. We are very active and the last thing we’d like is to be stuck in a Hotel because of the rain. The mosquitoes shouldn’t be bad either, especially during the day or on the beach. You can read our Weather post for more information on what to expect. Hi There, I’ve subscribed to your post several months ago when we decided to take a Costa Rica vacation. Private shuttles are another option for getting between destinations, then you could rely on tour companies to provide transportation as part of excursions and taxis for everything else. Monteverde is cooler and rainier year-round but shouldn’t be horrible in late May. Manuel Antonio and Monteverde would both be good for wildlife, so good picks. For weather, at the end of October, the Pacific slope is starting to transition to the dry season. What should we expect in terms of rain? I will be coming to CR on the 20th of August until the 11 September, Some restaurants offer 2-for-1 specials and other deals, and sometimes you can even name your own price on a room. I’m a travel agent and I have an amazing deal going to guanacaste/papagayo (split stay) sep 24-oct 1. The only downside for us was that we didn’t have a car so got wet walking around so you might want to think about that if you aren’t planning on a rental already. And, in the rainy season, there is a considerable increase in cases, from the months of June and July. This is less convenient and likely more expensive but doable if you don’t want to drive. The absolute must is deep sea fishing! Let me start off by saying your site has put some of my fears/worries at ease (thank you). Do you think there will be any chance we will be able to go snorkling and zip lining in La Fortuna? You can learn more in our Weather post. Hi Kristen, Yes, late October/early November is the more intense part of rainy season typically so you should expect some rain. But as everyone else I would like to ask about our specific plans 🙂 Temperatures feel slightly cooler due to the moisture too, which is a nice break especially at the beach where temps can climb into the 90s°F (32°C). But remember, even with the rain, it’s still a beautiful time of year to visit with everything lush and green. Here’s my question… how do you GET to Puerto Viejo from the northwest coast?? This town isn’t too far from San Jose and you can easily book a two night tour, which would work well with your schedule (these packages are really common for Tortuguero and include transportation from San Jose, hotel, tours, etc.). Spring in Costa Rica. I am thinking of visiting Costa Rica in June/July of 2019. You may notice that some waterfalls are called “seasonal.” If someone tells you this, don’t even bother visiting during the dry season because you will likely see just a sad trickle. Late June is usually really nice in Manuel Antonio because it isn’t dry and dusty (like it is now) and the forest is nice and green. Most other areas aren’t very rainy yet either. HI. As for hiking, Cerro Chato and other hikes are best done when it isn’t raining so that it isn’t as muddy and you can enjoy the views. (In terms of weather) The best time to see the volcano is supposed to be the height of the rainy season on the Pacific slope, in September/October. My Fiance & I are going to the Guanacaste/Sardinal/Matapalo area this October 19-25 for our honeymoon. We love being in the ocean (fiance is a surfer) and definitely don’t mind a little rain…but hoping we will get at least a little sun! I love your website and have shared it with friends! I am planning on coming there in June. I felt like the only Gringo around, I had the entire place to myself, the beaches, the National Park. Hello! The U.S. NOAA and National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center is predicting precipitation building and tropical depression/storm formation on the Pacific side in late May leading to higher than normal rainfall through early June. We don’t mind a couple hours of rain in the afternoon, but it’s forecasting rain all day everyday. Just be sure to get a 4×4 because the road turns to rough dirt shortly after Nicoya. Hope you have a great visit! This would be a good starting point to figuring out where to fly into, which towns to stay in, how to get around, etc. The ocean is nice for swimming – you might notice some silt from river runoff after a storm but that’s pretty much it. We live not far from Manuel Antonio and it has lierally only rained a few times since January so basically not at all. Do you think this is an overestimate? Hi Henrik, Those are a lot of destinations for two weeks. How safe would it be to drive with this weather? Our thought is to spend the first day in San Jose, get some rest and visit with some local friends. Finally, how would you advise traveling with our size group – rent one large 4×4 SUV, arrange private shuttles between locations, or something else? Hi Heather, Yes, the Caribbean coast is a great option for Sept./Oct.! Hi Meghana, Bummer that you don’t have a little more time. However, the remembrance of the issues with mosquitoes down there does. If it’s a sunny morning-rainy late afternoon situation that doesn’t seem problematic, but if we could get rain most days every day I might rethink our plans. Hello, Hi — Have really been enjoying your blog — thanks for providing so much practical, helpful info! There aren’t very many options for convenient places to stop between those destinations, unfortunately. Gabriele. We will be staying at a resort in Quepos/Manuel Antionio at the end of this month. Usually the rain starts to taper in November, and Guanacaste is the driest region in general. The best time of year to visit Limon in Costa Rica. Hi TL, Occasionally the road around the lake between Liberia and La Fortuna has a washout, but this is a major route and they usually have it repaired quickly. Hi Ashok, May is the rainy season in Costa Rica but it is still early on so the roads usually aren’t too bad. Hi guys, me , my wife and our 13 yr old son are going to Dreams Las Mareas resort in Guanacaste from June 18th to the 25th. How do we arrange to see the turtles? My fiancé and I are planning a trip for our honeymoon from sept 27 to Oct 8th. My biggest concern with weather are in dos brazos, drake bay, uvita & dominical. Thanks for reading! Rain tends to happen in the afternoon so plan activities for morning. Thanks! Hi Anita, La Fortuna doesn’t follow the same weather patterns and September is actually supposed to be one of the best times to see the volcano. Thanks for a useful blog post. Hope you and your fiancé have an amazing honeymoon! November is a bit of a bridge month, when the rain has slowed down, and the crowds begin to trickle in. It sounds like an awesome anniversary trip. Pura vida! You could also look at Thanks. I have been to Costa Rica twice and loved it. Thank you. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Hi Katie, September is typically one of the rainiest months so it depends on your expectations. Thank you in advance! Hi. Hello! However, I am reading on the internet about the weather and a little conflicted as to which side we should visit, and this is our first time. Hi Lisa, You could wait to book a hotel if you want the flexibility but many of the best options will be reserved in advance. Have a great honeymoon!! Hi Betty, Yes, you can definitely get some sun and see the attractions if you come during the rainy season. Thank you very much. I would love to also see the volcano, but understand that it may be too far especially in the rainy weather. Wearing repellent definitely helps, though. This is when the rains lessen and it feels a bit like dry season. My husband and I are looking to visit the W Hotel on Conchal Beach on August 20th thru August 30th. My friend and I are looking to go to Costa Rica in late August for about 10 days. Snorkeling around Playa Grande isn’t great, but there is a new SNUBA tour that is sort of a cross between snorkeling and diving. We will definitely take a look at your book! It all started about 10 years ago with an amazing two-week vacation . Hi Briana, In late October/early November, the Pacific coast is coming out of the rainy season. Climate differs regionally in Costa Rica because of its extremely varied topography, so in some places, the seasons are slightly different. I’m planning a trip next May (2nd week – to celebrate my birthday). I have found a great deal from the UK to the Westin late June early July Do you recommend or we should look for another destination? Don’t want to be repeatedly forced indoors for hours during the day. I’ll be staying in Uvita the first week in January. Suddenly everything transforms to beautiful, verdant green. There have been a total of 44 cases in the country so far and 31 cases were in Jaco, about 1.5 hours to the north of Quepos. Check out our Weather post for more detailed information. Hi Julia, There’s no guarantee since the weather varies year to year, but the Pacific Coast often experiences a “mini-summer” in early to mid July where we get a break from the rain. Great info! There are many choices for places to visit. We loved Guancaste the best. We are looking into visiting Costa Rica during the last two weeks of June; have 2 teens that will want to sleep in, so I am wondering what activities are there to do while it is raining, as the kids would realistically be getting out and about after 11am while on vacation? So we wouldn’t cancel your trip. We do offer itinerary planning if you want help piecing it all together. we were planning to head to Costa Rica just for 2-3 days since the kids have holidays in mid October. How is the situation with travelling right now due to Covid? We feel like we landed on an itinerary of Tortugero and the south Caribbean, but now I’m realizing that those months are really rainy there. Another one is a river boat tour to see crocodiles at the nearby Tarcoles River. Greetings from Boston! Do excursions get cancelled because of rain often? We live in Florida and we are used to it, especially in the afternoons! Hi Shannon, the weather is very hard to predict but you are right to be prepared for rain. It has different weather patterns than the Pacific coast and many people say that Sept./Oct. Hi Nancy, We have a lot of information about things to do and restaurants in our post Monteverde: A Forest in the Clouds. It’s also a good time to go see Arenal Volcano. May Temperatures in Costa Rica. Horseback riding in Nosara is also awesome for the beautiful scenery and wildlife viewing. Hi Denise, September is one of the rainier months but as long as you’re okay with some rain, you’ll still have a great time. NW Pacific Guanacaste beaches is where there is the least rainfall in Costa Rica- even in the rainy season- this part of Costa Rica gets sunny mornings and late afternoon showers. Will that be possible in july and are some tops and areas better than others in july? Typically it doesn’t rain every day or all day long but you never know. In the lowlands, it's hot, the sun shines and there is little rain, except on the east coast, which as we mentioned is rainy throughout the year. There are lots of places in Costa Rica for beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife, each with a different feel. Our Mosquitoes post has more info about all the precautions you can take. Samara is 45 min out of the way and Montezuma is a little more, but part of the trip is a ferry ride across a beautiful bay. You should have some days that have good weather. This time of year, the rain is more in short bursts of an hour or so, usually in the late afternoon or evening. I picked July because I wanted it to be lush and green and because we are from Florida and are pretty used to the humidity and mid-afternoon showers. We were originally planning on spending a few days in Guanacaste and then going to Arenal or Monteverde. Thank you for your time and for your ideas! Also, I am completely in love with animals, sloths in particular, and was wondering where the best place in this area is to go! When we visited as tourists, we did the exact same thing. Hi Susan, While I’ve done cruises to the Caribbean during hurricane season as well as a trip to Cancun, I do this as I know the odds of a hurricane striking right where I’ll be when I’m there are very slim. The weather in Arenal is actually pretty good that time of year, and while it will be rainy season in Guanacaste, that region tends to be the driest so it’s your best bet for a dry beach destination on the Pacific Coast. Just get your activities in during the morning because rain is much more likely in the afternoon. Most days aren’t a total washout, but you could have a day or two where it rains most of the day. The rainy season is from May to November. Here’s a link to our post on Tortuguero with lots more info, including hotel recommendations. For a first time traveler to CR, we recommend our 1 Week Itinerary or 2 Week Itinerary. I visited Quepos/Manuel Antonio in Early May last year and it was amazing. My husband and I are planning on flying to Liberia either 7/29-8/6 or 8/12-8/20. Hi! Some restaurants will probably be closed for renovations and vacations, but Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations so there should be some other travelers around to hang out with. Any other suggestions please? Hi my friend and I are coming to CR last two weeks in Oct . Thanks. This is what the locals in Drake Bay have to do as well. I am looking at the forecast and unfortunately it looks like rain every day. The other days will be spent at the hotel and ocean. We want to combine amazing beaches, wildlife and culture.

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